Group activities

We love to entertain and make sure our customers have a great time.
To accomplish those happy faces we have developed all kinds of activities.
Here you can find the special activities we offer groups.
If you are interested or have any questions,
please contact us!


We will learn you how to make the best cocktails!
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Gin tonic tasting

With our gin tonic tastings, you can try a few gin’s and recognise the different tastes.
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Beer tasting

With our beer tastings you can get a better understanding from the different beer tastes.
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Wine tasting

Let us teach you how to taste the wine even better with our wine tastings.
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Stag-hen dinner

Enjoy our three cours menu.
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Tapas dinner

Try some different tasty tapas at our café.
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Group dinner

Groups dinners at Rembrandt café are always a journey of laughs and good food.
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Poker night

How about a nice poker night at Rembrandt? We will make that happen
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Lunch boat-trip

Do you want to go on a boat-trip and have a good lunch? We will make that possible for you!
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Bicycle tours

We can deliver you a nice bicycle tour in Barcelona.
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Live football

You can always watch live football at Rembrandt Café!
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Looking for a good catering? We can arrange that.
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Live Entertainment

If you know what we mean 😉
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